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           Formed in 2008 to Nikini Group of companies, to cater especially to the Marine industry's automation needs. With more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation, we have gained expertise and have dedicated teams, all-rounders for most engineering areas to satisfy customer’s automation requirements. All daughter companies such as “Nikini Marine (Pvt) Ltd.”, get contribution and expertise from its mother-company Nikini Automation Systems (Pvt) Ltd having more than 80 staff to achieve goals as a team. We also have a fully equipped laboratory to train in-house staff as well technical staff from other companies, and we have the capabilities to handle and propose to customer’s latest technologies and solutions.

                                                    Show Case Projects
                                        Customer Management System
                                           Industrial Counting System
                                        Ship Engine Room Alarm System
                                                Wireless Mic System    

                 Core  Competencies and Business Areas

  Ship Automation

·         Installation/commissioning of automation related tasks/repairs

·         Maintenance services

·         Designing of control systems for small and mid size crafts

   Equipment installations

·         Configuring and installing of automation related items (motors and drives..etc)

   Providing services for different brands of automation related products

·         Dealing of different brands of PLCs and devices

·         Measuring equipments

   Handling of Electrical/Electronic jobs

·         Panel wirings

·         Repairs

       ·         New installations

   Measuring & Calibration related jobs   

·         Measuring equipment calibrations

·         Calibrating and adjusting positioners...etc

·         Repairs/ Services /replacements


   Installation and providing services for different systems

·         Alarm and monitoring system

·         Auxiliary control system

·         Power management system

·         Propulsion control

·         Ballast automation system

·         HVAC (air conditioning)

·         Management support

·         Reefer monitoring

·         Fire system ....etc  


   Developing systems monitoring and controlling softwares


   Mobile service provider

·         To provide maintenance services/ on-call services by visiting the location (to any port)

   Providing a complete automation solutions for small boats, crafts...etc


   R & D Services for state of the art solutions                            Home

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